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Tom More

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Sometimes a hobby can predict a future vocation, although, in Tom’s case, it came with an 18-year military and defense contracting career in between. He began filmmaking in high school and college, working with borrowed cameras to record bands, sporting events, club promos, and parody shorts. While in the Service, he routinely had a camera in hand while on deployments and exercises to share his adventures with family and friends in a way that words alone couldn’t convey. But the idea of video production as a full-time occupation didn’t come until dissatisfaction with his current job and his wife’s suggestion years later.

Self-employment as a producer and freelancer offered a truly creative outlet and vocation combo, and he never looked back, founding RL Film Productions in 2012 to focus on commercial projects and marketing videos. Seeking to expand his artistic range and skills, he began shooting short films and working on some features, many winning awards as they traveled the indie film festival circuit.

Television was a logical progression from these forays, and now he has several series pilots to his credit as a producer, director, and cinematographer. He continues to pursue larger and larger projects, with pre-production currently underway for a historical mini-series about the founding of the Texas Republic through to statehood while continuing a steady schedule of corporate work.

“Shadows Sisters” is an opportunity to synergistically combine corporate shoots’ interview and b-roll skills with the cinematic flair of narrative film in a documentary format that exudes the intoxicating allure and mystery of the “what if…?” And all of this is created in an electric, real-time environment where you never know what’s around the next corner. It’s his great “next step” in the ongoing journey to grow professionally through ever-increasing challenges and focus all his knowledge and abilities to become the most of who he can be as a filmmaker.