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TITLE: The Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel  

THE EXORCISMS OF ANNELIESE MICHEL BY MICHELLE ROAN, LMSW  WARNING: The recordings at the end of this article are disturbing. Listen at your own discretion.  Today at half past one I had a telephone call from Father Alt. He did not give his address. He described a case of exorcism (driving out of devils) to me,...

Title: The Unsettling Phenomenon of Poltergeists: Unraveling the Mysteries

Introduction: In the realm of the paranormal, few phenomena elicit as much fascination and terror as poltergeists. From haunted houses to unexplained phenomena captured on film, these mischievous entities have captured the imaginations of countless individuals. In this blog post, we will delve into the mysterious world of poltergeists, exploring their characteristics, historical accounts,...

Title: Exploring the Mysterious World of the Paranormal

Introduction: The paranormal has long fascinated and captivated human beings throughout history. From ghost stories whispered around campfires to the exploration of haunted houses on television shows, the allure of the unexplained has a profound effect on our collective imagination. In this blog post, we will dive into the enigmatic realm of the paranormal,...